Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sniffing Data from an OBDII AEV ProCal programmer (Not Scan Tool)

Look who's eager to talk!

The Arduino SeeedCan Shield is set to communicate @ 500Kb with the AEV ProCal


CAN-H from the Arduino is connected to Pin 6 on the ProCal.
CAN-L from the Arduino is connected to Pin 14 on the ProCal.


Arduino GND connected to Pin 4 on the ProCal.
Arduino 5v connected to Pin 16 on the ProCal.

Below are some responses from the Procal towards the can-bus shield using the SuperSniffer Tool

And another screenshot using putty.

The Procal sends a message 2, 26, 136 to Can Node 1536.
I bet its waiting for a response from the Jeep, but since this is not connected to the Jeep it keeps sending until the it gets a valid message back.

Previously the ProCals didnt support all Jeeps, but the newer ones supports all models. So its probably trying to get a VIN number or Jeep Model, so it knows which instruction set to send to the Jeep.

Next step is to buy a Male to Female OBD2 Cable which i can butcher a bit so that i can tap into the CAN-L and CAN-H

So when i connect everything up it will record all messages sent back and forth between the  Procal & Jeep to the SuperSniffer.

Somewhere along the line it will show me how to get to the programmable node of the Jeep.
(By the way this is the scary part where you are most likely be able to Brick the Jeep and render it totally useless and turning it into one very big door stopper)